The Shells - set of coffee tables

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The Shells is a set of a three coffee tables that can be used as for lounge as well as for children games. Shape of a tabletop inspired by a river shells and naturally fits in a contemporary functional or minimalist interior. You could be creative and experiment with a positions of a tables, creating your own unique geometric composition. Structure is designed in a way to let you to hide one table under another and save space.

Tabletops is made from MDF and solid oak, finishing is natural and dark oil and acrylic paint. All the materials are ecological and harmless to human health. Wood is a material which will serve for a decades if proper treatment were, and if necessary it could be recycled and used another time as a raw-stuff.

Dimensions, ?m: small 59x45xh32, mid 82x60xh38, big 120x84xh42.


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    Andrey Pushkarev
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