The Puzzle Note

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3: Highest raised puzzle pieces; 100mm; black.
2: Second raised puzzle pieces; 50 mm; white.
1: Lowest raised puzzle pieces; 10mm; coloured.

Colours used are of 3 categories – black, white and colour. Number 1’s are 8 colours (light blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, red and dark blue) which are all colours that are used in pop, post-modern and abstract art. Number 2’s are white and number 3’s are black as the colours make an impression to the audience. The back of the shape is of a glass colour. This enhances the modern look of the overall theme of the speaker. The black pieces are the speaker mesh that cover the top of the piece, thus the black colour and the speaker mesh will blend – therefore enabling the speaker to still have the ability to be artwork and not recognised as just a speaker.

The material that is used throughout the speaker is Perspex. This material is light – which is needed for this product as there is many different features added together, and thus a light material used for all parts allows for the overall product not to be heavy. Perspex is also a material that is easily coloured – all parts would be of coloured Perspex. As well, it is easy to drill – which is needed as the speaker has been designed to hang on a room’s wall. Perspex has been primarily chosen as it can conduct electricity – thus, the speaker can be practically used as energy and electricity can be transmitted to the speaker.

The speaker will retrieve power from a lead that is attached to the back of the music note. It will plug into a power point in the room where it has been hung; and music will be excessed via Bluetooth, which is located at the bottom of the right oval of the music note.

I have chosen to base my idea on abstract, post-modern and pop art as the principles that are applied as these types of art appeal personally. The basic ideas behind the cartoon-like colour pattern of pop art creates a fundamental striking appearance to all pop art works, allowing products that use those principles to have like-features as well. It appeals personally as the works of pop art have a modern and ‘different’ sort of take on products, as well as the colours, design and shape that are encountered through those particular works are of eye catching appearance – they are nothing like the ‘normal’. Abstract art uses shapes that are different to normal shapes. The colours used in abstract art are of various shades of different colours, but the basic principle in abstract art is the 3D features that it creates. Post-modern art uses art effects to transfer a simple picture or object into a masterpiece of desire. It enables the human eye to see the beauty of the artwork from the simple and delicate feature of the work.


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