Innovative Community/Public Bio-toilet Of Self-dependent Power & Water

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There are main causes for high rate for use of "pay and use toilet", are electric cost for water consumption of man; to clean toilet; clearing of skeptic tank. Insufficient of water is another problem at some where. Without compromising of water consumption, without increase electric cost, without effect of underground water level, decreasing use of conventional energy I thought an innovation idea for cheap rate of “pay and use toilet“ or community toilet.

The system is innovative bio-toilet. It is so simple and low maintenance cost and easy to maintenance , eco-friendly project. Urine and bathroom’s waste-water of this toilet are flow through a pipe line or drain and it store into a pit. Even urine of commode / pan are flow through this pipe / drain by separation at commode /pan.(fig-1) . Excreta without urine is stored into a bio-disaster tank (by another pipe line). where contains bacteria-inoculums (fig-2 ). Then produce bio-gas (mithen) which are temporary stored into a tank (fig-3) and the water from bio-digester tank (which are created by bacteria-inoculums from excreta) are stored in to pit no-1(fig-4). Another a pit will make for source of water (fig-5), Water which are required will lift by pump to a tank (which will install on roof), from the tank water reach to all the point by pipe line. Water of this pit go to down (of earth) for lifting of water, then from the pit no-1 (where water is stored from bio digester tank) water enter through soil in to pit no-2 (pit of fresh water) being distilled. Some water may come from underground water in to pit NO-2 (pit of fresh water) and same water enter to under-ground from pit no-1. Thus the underground water level are kept .

The bio-gas (mithen) which are stored in to a tank are used to produce electric by bio-gas power generator. The electric will be use for this toilet. If necessary more power to maintenance the toilet, will take from out source. Thus the system will save under-ground water, decrees use of conventional power, save environment, and for this its maintenance cost is low for which rate of toilet use will be low.


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