Adjustable Handle Hammer

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As those who have had the opportunity to carry a hammer in a tool belt can relate, one of the more striking (no pun intended, well yes) issues that happens is the bashing of the hammer handle into the back of the thigh, knee or shin (depending on height) when the tool is placed into the hammer holder on the tool belt. While there are solutions such as placing in a side mounted holder, these all come with drawbacks.

The solution that rises to the top is that of a hammer that has a quickly adjustable handle that can go from a compact non-beating-you-in-the-back-of-the-leg variety to one of not just setting a nail in one single blow but sending it straight through the liquid magma and core of the earth appropriate length.

The hammer works by allowing the handle to extend along an I-beam stile rail. When a button near the pointed finger is engaged, an internal locking mechanism is disengaged allowing the handle of the hammer to be lengthened or shortened depending on its orientation at that moment.

The ability to adjust the hammer length is also beneficial when working in tight areas where a full-length hammer will not fit or when tool storage is tight. The adjust-ability is also beneficial when tailoring a hammer length to a type of fastener being set such as a trim nail in never-again-seen virgin timber vs a pole barn spike being driven through a purlin.

The ability to quickly lengthen the length of the hammer in an oh so police baton method can be used to impress or intimidate coworkers depending on the day and the effect needed to motivate others.


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