Stackable Tumbler

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Product Description:
Stackable tumbler is an innovative idea in which drinking bottles can assembly in accordance with the desired capacity. This product can adjust with the volume of drinks that we want to take, so the bottles can multi-function. The inside is made of stainless steel so it can maintain temperature of drinks. The exterior is made of disposable bottles of mineral water.

Main Target:
Family who lives in large cities and has many activities everyday
Second Target:
Family who lives outside cities

User Needs and Wants Study:
From customer’s level of interest, they wanted a bottle can carry more than one type of drink with specification made of green materials and attractive design. Because of our target customers are all family members, both parents and children, stackable tumbler is design for light and the most important part is affordable price and appropriate funnel shape. They need funnel shape that can right for their mouth.

1. Easy to use because the size is flexible
2. Made from stainless steel to ensure temperature of drinking water
3. Recycle plastic is used to make go green campaign and this activity can doing together especially among the age of 18 until 27 years
4. Expected able to start trend among residents with the right marketing


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  • Name:
    Benita Purnamasari
  • Type of entry:
    Team members:
    Ayesha Parvati Dewi
    Danar Nugroho
    Triasni sibarani
    M.Yusuf Mulyana
  • Profession:
    Business Owner/Manager
  • Benita's hobbies and activities:
    Travelling, Culinary, Reading, Watching
  • Benita is inspired by:
    What inspires our idea is the fact of behaviour happen especially in Indonesia.
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