Golf Etiquette Cup-Receptacle-Imbiber

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Etiquette Cup is a Golf spittle receptacle-imbiber suctioning oral secretion that meets-exceeds fiduciary standards of The United States Golf Association’s Rules 1-4, 23-1, 25-1, 33-7/8 play on the Green bag required accessory. Handheld battery-solar powered achieves golfers and The Association’s spittle Rules supports Rules compliance and good image for Golf’s Handbook leading world golfers and world Golfing Associations out from under a lack of device protecting Golf, its super classy leisurely etiquette rich history and players weakest and worst moment spitting image.

Receptacle enables suctioning discretely sustaining good public image-health-sanitation-safety standards denying players discretionary discarded secretions outwardly wherever at will some with infectious saliva or toxic spit. Golf’s newest bag accessory the one item you do not want to leave home without being that golfers rely upon keeping their lunch money from being taken away like a major world ranked Pro recently paid Greens Spitting Etiquette penalty fee $5000-$16000 + or – money imbiber saves as relieved is mental stress in stressful oral fluid built-up situations at office-work or privacy of home, mobile, inside ladies purse, tabletop, golf bag. I played 9 and 18 holes thought to myself one day I may be 100+ years old desirous of competition my ultimate goal-objective to fruition Master Putt/Master of the Putt Championships surveyed golfers determined opportunity and spirit of Putt Championships now knowing both Driver nor Irons will get me or deliver 300+ yards weak back-muscles may become greater factors too. Disabled, lost limb, children minimum age TBD boy girl man woman elderly all in one-same Putt Championships. I and others played numerous Greens Putt competition using one hand no different than two hands requires more focus-practice and others include old-elderly golfers some become renewed again compete PGA-LPGA Headquarters Golf Official sanctioned Putt Courses nationwide and ultimately World Master Putt (Putter) Championship. Spit Cup is a valuable accessory as I was putting while another Golfer on same Putt Course spit as if the golf ball is not-was never venturing rolling off the Greens into the Rough and much taller grass areas being where currently golf players are expelling built-up spit/oral fluids onto the much taller grass and assuredly enough the golf ball landed in that very same spot too. Spit Cup is an Official embolden golfer’s bag accessory item being one mandatory health and sanitation golfing main one etiquette standard maintained.

Marketability; Golf played on all continent as so for the millions of people in routine daily automobile driving commutes avoid lowering door window or stopping to expel oral secretions, the projected consumer markets luxury Commercial space traveling civilians-planetary inter-galactic transits, NASA astronauts during space station habitation, Military Personnel in convoy tanks-trucks-etc., pregnant women with hyper-salivation/mouth fluid secretions, smokeless tobacco users indoors-outdoors with built-up tobacco juice, office workers sufferers of head and chest colds congestion and cough, tourists in some foreign countries with built-up oral secretions while walking outdoors are prohibited expelling oral secretions fluid on sidewalks, the ground, etc. due to governing laws, capturing mouth drizzle secretions of Sialorrhea patients with Altzheimer-Parkinso


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