PlaxiGUARD PC32 Flood Control Barrier

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PlaxiGUARD PC32 is a special design idea aimed specifically to provide a solution for protection against flood or for controlling its adverse effects as much possible. The current solutions such as sand bags, temporary embankments etc. are proven to be unsatisfactory and time consuming coupled with problems pertaining to their removal after the flood.

The potential benefits of the design presented by us are its cost-effectiveness vis-à-vis its lifetime, apart from easy removal after the flood-water has receded. PlaxiGUARD PC32 is a flood control assembly having a panel with a base devised to lock with a rail and the rail is adapted to lock with a base of the panel together with a tube at the base of the panel as shown in Figure below.

As may be seen, the panel rests on the tube as it bends under a force of flowing water, the bending is counter balanced by water force exerted on the rail, and the balance of forces enabling the assembly to remain in position. The rail is fastened to the ground surface thereby strictly positioning the assembly without any chance of being moved or washed away. The rail may be fastened to the ground with help of screws. These panels may be connected to each other in series to form a longer or apt-sized embankment.

PlaxiGUARD PC32 is not only suitable for protection to homes and other valuable properties, it is also suitable for controlling flash floods on highways and motorways etc especially during rush hours. Imagine how much time and convenience a motorist can save if the sudden flooding which usually comes from roadside drains or uneven road surfaces are under control by pre-installed PlaxiGUARD (refer to picture B)

If 2 pieces Of PlaxiGUARD PC32 are installed at opposite end of each other and depending on how wide a space is the two pieces installed, right on the spot a surface drain would immediately be available which will enable flood water from one area to be channeled to another in just hours. One can see the huge benefits from this special capability because if this is done as a traditional "below ground" level drainage system, it would have cost very much more and also time consuming.

With floods happening in practically every part of the world creating uncountable damages, we believe that PlaxiGUARD will be a best seller everywhere.

We will also be able to supply PlaxiGUARD to the market at a very reasonable price and much cheaper than those existing designs in the market because the design of our product is such that you don’t require a lot of raw materials to manufacture it as it is just a light weight piece of platform.

We believe with such a good product selling at a price cheaper than all the available products in the market, we are very confident that we be able to capture the lion share of the market for such devices.



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    Seeing the devastating floods that ravaged so many homes all over the world including my own country and take away the lives of so many innocent people, I start to think of how I can contribute to stop or cut down so much devastation. And that lead me to create some innovations relating to flood control devices.
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