Turbo Tone

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A spacial expander created for excessive midrange tones at high volumes coming from amplified speakers in the 10" to 12" diameter. Speakers who's harsh tones emit a deafening directional sound can now be tamed easily without alteration of the actual speaker's tone. This device captures the fire hose blast of hear damaging sound coming from the speaker's voice coil and turns it into a soft shower of enjoyable tone. The outer portion of the speakers sound is reflected out in a 360 degree pattern making a single speaker sound like several speakers. Even placing an object directly in front of the speaker will have a very minimal effect on what you hear.

This device's design allows it to be placed directly on an uncovered exposed speaker without causing any damage or over an outer grill or cover. Originally designed for small single 10" or 12 " guitar and keyboard amps but has endless applications for home stereo, home theater, wall or ceiling speakers or public address systems indoors or outdoors.

Easily attaches harmlessly to most cabinets via included adjustable elastic strap and can be made in any color to match existing systems, room decor or outdoor landscape. Size range from 5" midrange with less than 1" voice coil up to 12" midrange with up to 2" voice coils.


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    James Hawkins
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