Innovative Flossing Device That Makes You Enjoy Flossing

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Innovation dental flosser comprises a head, a housing, a spool, and a tail cap. Dental floss is wound on a spool that is placed inside the housing. A length of floss suspected by a fork on the head is used for flossing teeth. The free end of the floss is clamped by a nut placed around the head. The tail cap at the bottom of the housing can be rotated onto or off the housing. To dispense new floss from the spool, one first unscrews the nut and then rotates the cap in the counter-clockwise direction. The floss can be easily dispensed by one pulling its free end. In use, one can bite on the interconnected section of the fork to help push floss into teeth gaps. If floss needs to be tightened, one just rotates the tail cap clock-wisely. The head can be washed clean under tap water. Accordingly, the dental floss device provides several advantages:

• The flossing device tightens and releases the dental floss easily;
• With rigid head and fork and tensioned floss, a user has a good control over the direction and strength in flossing operation so the teeth are cleaned more gently and thoroughly;
• The optimized angle of the fork of the device allows the tensioned dental floss to comfortably reach hard-to-reach back teeth;
• The amount of tension applied to the dental floss can be adjusted conveniently;
• Dirty dental floss can be removed immediately after use and replaced with new dental floss;
• The length of the dental floss for each use is dramatically reduced and the floss is reloadable after a certain amount has been used. Therefore, it is more cost effective in the long run;
• You can choose any floss you like.
• The flossing device can stand on a flat surface, which makes it easy to see and remind people of flossing.


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