Solderdoodle Pro: USB Rechargeable Soldering Iron

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Solderdoodle Pro is a portable, cordless, USB rechargeable soldering iron. It is based off my original Open Source project: "Solar Powered Soldering Station"

Solderdoodle Pro does what other portable soldering irons have failed to do, and that’s the ability to last hours above 700ºF and charge the soldering iron from a USB port. You can literally go anywhere and still have a way to charge your Solderdoodle if there is a laptop, USB battery, wall adapter, or even a USB solar charger nearby!

Solderdoodle Pro uses a high-efficiency, high-power charge controller from Maxim and uses the same battery that's used in the Tesla electric car, which is the best battery of its kind. The soldering iron tip is replaceable using off-the-shelf components.

After learning how to use 3D printers, one of my friends asked if there was such a thing as a USB soldering iron and I said that I had instructions to build one, but the battery was external. I then realized that I could create my own case design on a 3D printer and put the battery, charge controller, and other parts inside as one single unit! It worked!

Solderdoodle Pro Specs:

* Time to Fully Charge Solderdoodle @ 5V 2A: 2 hours | @ 5V 1A: 3 hours | @5V 500mA: 4.5 hours

* Capacity: 3350mAh/3.6V * Type: NCR18650B Lithium-Ion

* Diameter: 1.5 inches * Length: 7.2 inches

* Weight: 101g (3.4 oz) * Charge Cable Length: 5 feet

* Input Cable - Male USB 2.0 Type A to Micro Connector

* Input - Current: 450 to 1300mA | Voltage: 5 to 6 Volts

* Output - Current: 1500mA | Voltage: 2.5 to 4.2 Volts

* Body Material: High Temperature Plastic

* Battery Life Under Typical Use: Over 5 years

* Replaceable battery

* Provides over 2 hours of soldering

* Solder up to 24 gage thick wire (Flux recommended for lead-free applications, thicker wire, or large ground planes)

* Heats up to over 700ºF (371ºC) in just 30 seconds

* For use with leaded solder and lead-free solder



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    After being laid off in 2009, I got rid of my car to save money. The difficult transition from a car to a bicycle led me to start Solarcycle and design USB chargers that keep smart phones alive. This technology has been used in other application as well such as USB rechargeable soldering irons and powering tiny homes.
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