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As the population is increasing gradually the sanitary problems, problems related to supplying basic needs, is increasing fiercely.  In supply chains for supplying basic needs contains large number of and large distances of pipe lines circuit.

The most basic and biggest problems faced in this pipeline circuits are blockages. Even a small blockage can create bigger problems. The problem is faced by workers and engineers is to find the perfect  location of blockages ,for this  thy have to dig or check the whole pipeline circuits over the large distances and many a times they have to install the  whole new pipeline circuitary due to the incapability of finding the blockage in pipeline  circuit.

My innovation focuses and solves this problem in very effective  and cheap way.

Blockdestroyer is the sphere shaped device. This device contain a GPS and  A spherical shaped cover . We have insert this device in the pipe which is under blockage problem.          

As   the device is   eneterd in the pipeline filled with the fluid. The fluid imparts  the force on the device and the device also flows with the fluid as the device is containing GPS.This inbuilt  GPS in the device will send us the data related to the velocity and the position  of the device .As the blockage comes the narrower cross section of the pipe causes the change in velocity in considerable amount than the average velocity.

As we can get   information of the position of this place/region where this change in velocity took place and blockage position exactly. The spherical shape of the device resist least to flow with the fluid.

This device gives us the information of blockages and in a cheap cost.By this we can save our money for recovery of the blockages without destroying whole or lage part of pipeline circuit.
The device also consist of stick probe which will stick to pipe surface when we will give command to device maybe at the suitable opening to pipeline to get the device again and use it for next time.


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