Events Reinvented

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This app will connect travelers with local events in the area. It is a social networking app in nature. It connects event posters/designers with crowds easily. This app is mobile based.

Home Screen
1.Home Screen will use location services or ask for Zip or City/State information
2.Home Screen shows events and activities in your area
3.As events are updated and posted, Home Screen will refresh. User will be presented with the latest information.
4.Home Screen will have a keyword search option so users can search for events of interest.

Post Screen
5.Post Screen will allow users to post detailed events such as Title, email, phone, location
6.Events for fundraisers, charity events, parties, restaurant events, unions gatherings, work related events, holiday gatherings and so on could all be posted in this App.
7. Post screen will allow you to categorize the event


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    Sean Yildirim
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