Yard Mule Property Maintenance System

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It's Saturday morning and you need to get your yard into shape for that garden party tonight. Let’s see, you need to mow and edge the lawn, trim the bushes and pickup after the kids party yesterday. So you get up early, gas the Mower, mix the edger and trimmer gas and fill them, grab a few garbage bags. You put on your safety glasses, ear plugs and steel toed shoes and go to work. Oh, did I mention it was hot, noisy, smelly and uncomfortable.

Or this could be your day…

You could roll over in bed, grab your smart phone and tell your Mule to start to work. When the lawn is cut, and when you’re ready, you put your “team” to work. You attach your U-cart, load up your U-edger, U-trimmer, and snips. Load up the on-board cooler and head out, your favorite working tunes playing in the background. Your “Mule Team” follows you around as you edge, trim, cut, snip and generally spruced your place up.

That is how it could be if you owned the Yard Mule, Property Maintenance System.
The Yard Mule is a collection or team of tools machines, which will support your yard and gardening activities. It is centered on an electrically driven, self-balancing driver unit, I call “The Mule”. The Mule is controlled by an integrated controller or remotely via a mobile device or pre-programed for certain tasks. It can work on its own and when in the “Follow Me” mode, it'll go where ever you go. Its long lasting rechargeable batteries can be recharged with a solar powered charger or faster when plugged in. The Mule has an entertainment system, power converter and a cup holder. You can make it your own to fit your personality or a favorite vehicle with a customized body, dual wheels or a set of tracks.

The Yard Mules versatility comes from a collection of tools that are connected to the Yard Mule drive unit. Some tools are operated by auxiliary motors or batteries in the driver and/or on board batteries. The tool collections include a rotary or reel mower with bag, utility cart, a garden tiller, snow blower, lawn sweeper, yard vacuum, and more. Complex machines such as a forklift/hoist combo, back hoe, front loader, dozer blade, and robotic arm will be available. There is no limit to implements and tools that could be available.

Mules are strong, versatile and intelligent animals. You can use them to ride into town or plow your field or just keep you company for a bit. The secret to the Yard Mule is versatility. It’s a flexible and personal collection of tools that can keep your yard and garden looking great, give you a lift or carry a load. It doesn't rob the grid, its smoke free, odder free and good to the environment. Most of all, the Yard Mule does it quietly, cleanly and peacefully.

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