Exoskeletal Yard Tools

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THE CONCEPTION - While doing yard work I needed the rake and dust pan to be one handed instruments for fulfilling the job. I needed to lift a large pile of leaves in a captured status to deposit into the waste can, while still able to rake the remaining leaves into the next load. The main way to accomplish this is to be the rake and dust pan. The tools would have to be part of the body.

THE DESIGN - The main handle section consists of a forearm type crutch handle with attachment straps to allow attachment of the handles to the body. Tools can be interchanged on the handles. The tools available will be push brooms, rakes, snow plow type device and dust pan. Since the tools are interchangeable the tools are not right hand biased. An adjustable hand manipulating handle protrudes from the main handle for ease in device manipulation.

CONCLUSION - By mimicking the forearm crutch concept I determined that I could have the broom, rake, snow plow actually attached to my right arm while the dust pan was attached to my left. This allows each hand / arm to be the tool, rather than holding the tool with two hands. Additionally I could put two of either tool onto both handles and accomplish the job faster. I hope I have brought you the vision even without the photos of the concept. Thank you for your consideration.


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