KleenRite Portable Bath & Shower Device

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KleenRite is not only meant for older, disabled population or people on wheelchairs to use as a Portable Bath/Shower Stall, it is also very convenient and useful for normal and working people to use it as a temporary bathroom/changing room in construction’s and camping, etc.,

Basically it is designed for people who desire a low-cost, more flexible solution than a complete makeover of their shower. It allows a person in wheelchair to take a shower bath anywhere at home where warm water is within reach - in the kitchen, in the hallway, in the bedroom, or in a hotel room. The standard model allows a person to sit in a shower wheelchair or on a bench during bathing.

KleenRite is safe, effective and can be setup easily and requires no professional installation and costs only a small fraction as compared to remodeling of the bath-area. Furthermore it can be set up at any convenient open space in your house as it does not need to be fastened to a wall or the floor. You can take it with you during travel by folding it together.

KleenRite comes in individual partitions which are rectangular in shape and are available in different sizes depending on the bathroom size required. Each end of the partition is arranged with click to lock arrangement to join the adjacent partitions to one another to form a rectangular stall. Once the arrangement is made, the front panel forms the entry into the bathing device. The front panel is also provided with a flap system which is attached with a rubber sealer enabling it to fill the gap for the front panel open or close and also prevent water leaks.

The complete bathing apparatus is sat on a rectangular shaped structure which resembles a “tub” when the door is closed. The rectangular shaped structure and front panel allows the holding of water while bathing. The water inlet and outlet pipes are connected to the bathing apparatus to receive the fresh water and release the used water. The front panel can be closed by a gadget pulling a string or stainless-wire and the like and can be mechanically or hand operated.

Accessories includes handheld shower sprayer with faucet adaptor, self-contained foldable shower tray, foldable shower enclosure and special waste water drain pump. The shower hose connects to standard indoor faucet via quick-connect adaptor in a single snap action or it can also be connected to existing shower via diverter valve. Pump sits outside the shower tray, has suction hose secured in the tray and discharge hose going to the sink or toilet.

Although there are several similar innovations in the market, they are however different from us because we are more versatile, light weight, easy to assemble and take away and more importantly we can be used as both a bathtub and bathroom.

Our plans is to market them at very down to earth prices so that everybody can afford it.


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