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The main concern of this idea (project) is to make people more safe and comfortable especially when they are traveling anywhere in the world, or in danger, or out of their comfort zone. Today in India or in many other countries people are not safe no matter whether they are out or inside their homes and especially the females and kids. Due to the fear of getting raped, robbed, and kidnapped, the females and kids are hesitating to live their life freely and independently, although we have police, special forces and other special groups but providing security to every individual is difficult. This idea makes people more safe in every possible situation, and also we do not require huge number of police to protect ourselves. In order to decrease the crime rate and increase safety I developed this idea.

In this idea we develop a mobile app in that app when we call or say HELP HELP HELP continuously 3 times then the app will automatically activate and send messages to our 5 contacts (which we save earlier) also to police, ambulance, and fire department with our location and an audio recording will automatically start. Ten audio messages of 2 min each will be transmitted to our contacts so that they will get a picture and take necessary steps to protect us. Also it saves all those mobile numbers which are under the area of 500 mtr of the crime scene.

The main advantage of this idea is to provide security to every individual or every single person at almost no cost. Many times we have seen police or investigating agencies need time to solve any case whether it is of murder, robbery, rape, kidnapping etc. But through this idea time required in investigating any case reduces to only few hours i.e. within few hours we can easily arrest the culprits, so this idea will save our time, money & labor and we can utilize that money, time & labor in other needful activities.

In this idea our cell phone will play an important role & it saves our life with only a single call.


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