Brain Harmonizer

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The brain harmonizer is a coil that might be plugged into several types of pulsed magnetic field generators. The simplest form of brain harmonizer consists of a coil large enough to go around the head and is powered by a blinking LED triggering a MOSFET. A nine volt battery supplies the current. The frequency produced by a generator is important. Different frequencies help different conditions. Alpha waves (eight cycles), or any other frequency, can be introduced to the brain. For enhanced telepathic communication a frequency of one or two HZ is used to provide a background frequency. Since such extremely low frequencies appear not to be used by the brain, they don’t interfere with other brain activity, but are more like a drum beat which serves as background for a dance so that dancers can keep a steady rhythm while improvising their own variations.

Figure 1 shows the basic unit with an external battery and blinking LED. The circuit and battery may be packaged alongside the coil to make a unitary form.

Two or more coils may be run by a larger instrument to help many people get in phase. A larger external power unit may also be used to produce different frequencies for experiments other than telepathy.

Historical Note

We are at the end of the matter age and at the dawn of the spiritual age. Humans are steadily using their psychic powers to create their personal and social reality, and they mostly don't realize it or call it something else. Big and little miracles happen more and more to everyone. Magical healings, tuning into distant friends, even those who have left their bodies, perceiving relevant future events, and so forth, are becoming more common.

At the end of the 1800’s some people were measuring electrical currents from the human body. Carl Jung, famous psychologist, had what he called a 'psychogalvanometer', which indicated a patient’s state of arousal or relaxation. In the early 1960’s I manufactured and marketed a psychogalvanometer with an audible tone for psychology teachers. This became the first 'biofeedback' instrument a few years later when the term was coined by Joe Kamiya.

About 100 years ago instruments were developed that were sensitive enough to measure voltages (a few millionths of a volt) and frequencies (very low - three to twenty HZ) from the brain. This opened up a new area of physiology to explore and scientists were delighted to make new discoveries. One of these was that brain waves of many gurus from India produced lots of eight cycle brain waves, whereas most western people did not. Since these seemed to be generated by the process of meditation, an increase of that activity began. Instruments such as my own audible psychogalvanometer and biofeedback monitors helped that interest to grow.

The more people use the brain harmonizer the more they will create a better future.


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