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Describe product idea
My product idea came about one day when I was visiting a friend in a major restaurant chain (Chili’s). I’m one of those people that when in the restroom, I wash my hands and use the paper towel to dry my hands and open the door to exit the laboratory. Well, that day at Chili’s, I was in the restroom and someone was already in there, not just using the urinal. This individual walked out without washing his hands. Once I returned to my table, I noticed the man sitting at the table next to me; the waitress had brought him a hamburger and fries. The man proceeded to pick up the ketchup bottle and shake to drown his fries and burger with ketchup. Next he used the mustard and salt and pepper shakers. To this day, I have used a paper towel to handle all condiments in public restaurants. My idea consist of a molded Isoprene Rubber material, with up to 5 layers and each layer having antibacterial gel that will fit over the condiment bottles and jars.

How it works
There is a finite number of different shapes and sizes for restaurant condiments. A package of my product will consist of 5 layers of an Isoprene rubber, each layer having a tab at the bottom. The rubber molding will fit over the condiment and with each new table sitting, the bus boy will peal the outer most layer, revealing a fresh clean and germ free condiment bottle.

Why it’s innovative
This is an innovative idea because it is a disposable product, it’s a product where the fraction of cost can be passed on to the customer and it is a product where the product can be used at hundreds of thousands of restaurant tables per day.

How it would be manufactured
This product will be made from a mold conforming to the finite number of shapes and size of today’s ketchup, mustard, salt and pepper shakers. I have been in talks with manufacturers in Canada and here in Houston/New York.

How it would be marketed
Marketing is a piece of cake. No one wants eat at a dirty restaurant and no one wants to eat out where germs can be passed from previous guest with improper hygiene. A documented swab test of any condiment at any table of any restaurant will reveal the amount of germs that exist on these shared condiments. The revenue numbers are unbelievable. Below is a high-level breakdown:
# of US restaurants = 600,000
Avg # tables = 20
Avg # sittings/day = 5

20% restaurants signed up = 600k x .2 = 120,000
# of tables per restaurant per day = 120,000 x 20 = 2.4 million
# Sittings per restaurant per day = 2.4m x 5 = 12 million
At a profit of 5 cents per layer = 12m x .05 = $600,000/day


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