Broadhead Bullet

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The Broadhead-Bullet is exactly what the name describes; the combination of both an arrow and a bullet into one firearm projectile that can be used in 12-gauge smoothbore shotguns without significant modification to the firearm. The Broadhead-Bullet is designed to enhance the performance of an arrow shot from the best compound bows in a simple, inexpensive, and easy to use projectile that is functional in a shotgun.

The Broadhead-Bullet will have a velocity of about 1000 f/s or just under the speed of sound at sea level and three times the velocity of an arrow shot from the best compound bow available. This velocity will allow the Broadhead-Bullet to have a center of hold of 100 yards, the trajectory degrading greatly afterwards. The Broadhead-Bullet is a sub-sonic firearm projectile, thus the report will be significantly less than super-sonic ammunition creating a significantly quieter noise signature. Because the Broadhead-Bullet is sub-sonic a suppressor can be effectively used for even quieter hunting without the need for hearing protection.

When the Broadhead-Bullet strikes its intended target the Expandable Blades fully deploy to create a wound channel of four inches, a wound channel that is over twice the size of the average broad head arrowhead.


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