DIYOVINA - Do It Yourself Vibration And/Or Noise Absorber

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Many consumer products are generating vibrations during their operation. For example a bean to cup coffee machine, a kitchen hood, a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner or a DVD projector. Often these vibrations cause noise emissions, e.g. if sound-emitting panels are excited. To get rid of the noise you can:
- Throw the old product into the dust bin and buy a new and expensive silent product.
- Wear noise cancelling headphones.
- Avoid the proximity of the product during operation.
- Call a team of researcher and engineers who will examine and reduce the vibrations, and the noise of your product.

Or you can be your own RESEARCHER and ENGINEER and reduce the vibrations and /or noise by your own with DIYOVINA. The DIYOVINA concept works as following:
- A DIYOVINA-App for your Android smart-phone will lead you step by step through the research of your vibration/noise challenge. Typically every smart-phone uses built in acceleration sensors to identify the orientation and the handling of your smart-phone. These sensors can be used to analyze the noise and the vibrations of your product by holding the phone to the vibrating surface. Optionally there is the possibility to get a well-priced wired Rapid-Prototyping sensor which can be connected via USB to your smart phone for better handling. Moving all over the surface, the DIYOVINA-App will detect the highest peak and the most relevant frequency of the vibration and the sound emission. Now your research work is done.
- At the next step your engineering work is starting: DIYOVINA needs to know how much installation space will be available at the position of the maximum peak of the vibration and how you would like to attach the absorber to your vibrating noisy product. This can be done by gluing, with a magnet or by screwing. DIYOVINA now will give you some recommendations about different absorber designs. There will be manually and automatic motorized tunable mass absorber designs. Check the designs and choose the most suitable.
- On your demand every necessary data will be send by DIYOVINA to rapid prototyping and/or (optional) electronic components manufacturers to build the parts for your custom absorber and your special vibration challenge within some days.
- After receiving the parts you just have to add some common things depending on the design of your mass absorber (DIYOVINA will inform you in advance). All parts can be assembled by screwing or clicking. Then you just have to attach your Do it yourself vibration and/or noise absorber at your vibrating and noisy product. Now enjoy the silence and be proud of your achievement as researcher and engineer!
How does it work? Noise is typically induced by a vibrating surface which produces sound waves. With a tuned mass absorber the vibration is transferred to the absorber which has no sound emitting surfaces. The noise is cancelled.


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