Tube For Paste

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The current method of extraction of material from a flexible tube (be it toothpaste, cosmetic products, food products, etc.) is to apply pressure to the flexible tube so at to push the material towards the opening in the tube. This pressure also results in some of the material inevitably going in the opposite direction, towards the end of the tube, wherein a constant struggle to push the material back up towards the opening begins.
We are proud to present our new tube technology, consisting of a pusher and a grooved track on which the pushed slides upwards. The pusher is made with an opening just large enough to accommodate a fully collapsed flat tube. As the pusher is moved up the tube, a built in tooth snaps into place behind one of the grooves on the track, preventing the pusher from sliding back down the tube.

Our new technology allows the user to dispense material from the tube, by sliding the mechanism forward, or via the traditional tube squeeze. The pusher can have completely different designs, from simple one piece molded parts, to complex, even power operated mechanisms. The mechanism can be operated with one hand, holding the tube in one hand and operating the mechanism with a thumb. During process the Ratchetube mechanism produces a tactile signal (a soft click), which is helpful for dispensing medication rectally, or under the tongue, areas of the body that are not conveniently seen.

The convenience as a result of the design is the fact that all of the material within the tube is trapped between the pusher and the spout, giving the user the pleasurable experience of squeezing a full tube every time (especially for large, economy size tubes).

As result of the design, the material inside the tube is distributed equally; which is very attractive for containers with physically separated compartments (i.e. two chamber tubes).

Our design reduced dramatically the volume of air within tube and this decrease the oxidation of the product.


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    Yuriy Chernov
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    Improve everyday task for using toothpaste, cosmetic products in flexible tubes.
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