PlaxiCRAFT Life Saving & Rescue Craft

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When a tsunami suddenly appeared or ravaging flood water is rising rapidly, many residents are caught because water rises very fast and their escape route is thus cut off. Furthermore in a tsunami, the flow of water is usually very fast and furious plus they carry with them huge amount of debris which consist of mud, trees and houses. These debris are very dangerous if come into contact with people. If every house stores a PlaxiCRAFT at home, then many lives will stand a better chance of being saved once they climb into it and allow the water to carry them to whichever place and wait for a rescue team. Furthermore each PlaxiCRAFT is installed with a GPS direction finder and a rescue signal transmitter to alert rescue authorities over their location and thus easy to rescue them.

The main aspect of PlaxiCRAFT is to provide a floatation apparatus that protects users, particularly the upper body part of the users including the head from external factors such as strong currents and winds while the users are sitting and at the same time ensures safety of the users and stability of the floatation apparatus. .

PlaxiCRAFT is comprised of a peripheral hollow float structure having a top opening with a shelter attached to the top opening for partially or completely enclosing the structure & having compartments incorporated to the periphery of the structure or below the structure; wherein the float structure has a base that allows at least a user to sit on the structure; It also has a tapered flap at the bottom formed by multiple hinged pieces with one or more apertures formed on the pieces and a ballast hinged to the bottom of the flap.

We believe this product will be in great demand if make available in countries that are always ravage by floods, typhoon or hurricanes etc. Certainly people living in countries like Japan, Indonesia and India would welcome this innovation as a safety device to assist them in times of tsunami or other form of natural disaster attack.

Furthermore the rescue depts. of nations around the world will want to procure such an equipment for their life saving and rescue deployment as they can become a very useful device for use in times of emergencies. Furthermore because one of the main component of our product is polystyrene, the cost of manufacturing such a product becomes very affordable for everybody unlike those manufactured using mainly steel which shoots the price up. Another advantage of PlaxiCRAFT as compared to our competitors is that our shape is not round because if there are presence of strong waves, the device is likely to roll on top of the water surface and as a result the passengers inside the capsule will roll together with them too.

We plan to market PlaxiCRAFT throughout the world and are very confident that we will be the better seller because our selling price will only be a fraction of our competitors.


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    Sally Phang
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    Sally Phang, Terry Chew
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    Seeing how devastating are the tsunamis and the recent great floods that were happening all over the world, our team start to think of creating a floating device that can assist victims of these disasters when it strike.

    Furthermore after our research we found that whatever rescue devices that are available in the market currently are priced so out of the reach of the general public, that we feel sorry for them. We tell ourselves that our innovation must be designed in such a way that cost of producing one must not be too high so that our finished product can be priced affordably and everybody can afford to own one
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