Catamaran Treadmill

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This new steerable recreational exercise sportcraft is a treadmill mounted between two floatation pontoons. When a person walks or runs on the treadmill, his motion ultimately propels the craft forward or backward with its 360 degree steerable propulsion. The tread is a continuous belt mounted on a set of several parallel rollers wrapping around, under, and above all the rollers from front to back as in an ordinary treadmill. The treadmill's front roller chain-drives a 7 speed bicycle derailleur linkage to a first rotary vane positive drive hydraulic pump with ferrofluidic seals. The fluid pump drives either oil or water.The fluid output of this first pump drives a second positive drive rotary vane pump/motor which turns a multiblade propeller underneath the watercraft. The rotary vane motor and its propeller also with ferrofluidic seals is steerable and can be pointed in any direction through 360 degrees to propel and steer the craft highy controllably. A rotatable pipe fed by the first rotary vane pump is attached to the steerable rotary vane motor and propeller by a rotary union. The motor and propeller together can be raised vertically sliding upward out of the water. A steering wheel at the top front of the treadmill rotates the pump/motor and its propeller below the craft.

It’s stable, unusual, and fun.


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