Real Rock Lights

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To solve a problem that is inherent with landscape lighting systems, I created a smart phone controlled lighting system installed in real river rocks. Liners in waterfall and stream applications do not allow stakes to support underwater lighting and these new Real Rock Lights will not move once in place above or below water. They also don't break if run over by lawn vehicles or cars, and they are virtually unidentifiable as lights since every one is an actual rock and different from every other one.

The light is adjustable to millions of colors with free downloadable software that allows for the following routines:

1. Intensity adjustment in any color for above or below water surfaces

2. Pre-programmed holidays that change colors, fade, and display different intensities (i.e. Christmas the lights throughout the yard fade up in green then fade and morph into red and change intensities. Halloween, orange to purple and back again.... No more decorating for each season, that's just a click of an icon on a phone.

3. The Real Rock Lights respond to music. The yard becomes a light show using ambient music for the driver. These rocks rock!

4. The Real Rock Lights have an adjustment to widen or narrow the beam of light to accent or broaden the lighted areas.

5. Color routines can be assigned to a caller contact list on any smart phone that displays that routine when a caller calls your phone IF that is chosen from the MENU. (I.e. Joe is assigned a fading red. Jane blinks pink, and so on.)

Real Rock Lights have just been introduced to the market in February of this year and although no advertising has begun, they were mentioned in the Green Profit Magazine in February and June under new product announcements. With over 500 companies having already responded to that one tiny announcement, Real Rock Lights represent new jobs for many unskilled workers and a substantial growth potential in the landscaping market.


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