Redilock: Balancing Gun Safety and Personal Protection

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America is a land based on liberty, but finding a balance can be hard. Where is the line between hate speech and free speech; between public safety and the right to bear arms? The right to bear arms has evoked tremendous passion. We have developed a solution to the unintended violence resulting from accidentally discharging a firearm.

The Redilock is an affordable, easy to use, rapid access trigger lock that allows only authorized users to access a firearm, balancing the need for both personal protection and safety. The lock is opened with a single button press by a user wearing an authorized RFID tag embedded in something that they wear, such as a ring, watch or bracelet. If the tag is in close proximity to the lock when the button is pressed, a microprocessor activates a servo which turns a locking spindle, providing quick access to the trigger. Current trigger locks require someone to locate a mechanical key or enter a combination, taking precious time in a stressful, personal safety situation.

Redilock uses low energy Bluetooth 4.0 to unlock other nearby Redilocks, making several firearms available at the press of a button. Redilock is designed to meet California requirements for firearm safety devices. The design allows users to operate the lock using either hand. The battery and servo are positioned to lie along the length of the firearm, providing a low profile for secure storage in tight spaces such as drawers and handbags. Lithium batteries and power management should allow over a year of use between battery changes.

Other inventors have embedded RFID access directly in firearms; however, a New Jersey law has effectively blocked these weapons from coming to market. Three years after these “smart” firearms come to market, only these types of weapons will be allowed for sale in New Jersey. Redilock has no such restrictions; it has a significantly lower price and it can be used with practically any firearm.

Currently, we have a patent pending and quotes from industrial design firms to develop the bill of materials and several prototypes. We've engaged another firm for manufacture cost estimating and design for manufacturing. After we receive funding, we plan to design and produce prototypes in advance of a crowdfunding campaign.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, about a third of American children live in homes with firearms, and of these households, 43 percent contain at least one unlocked firearm. More than two million American children live in homes with unsecured guns — and 1.7 million live in homes with guns that are both loaded and unlocked. Redilock could have prevented the recent tragedies involving toddlers in New Mexico and Idaho.

Our team plans for a portion of each sale to go toward gun safety education. Redilock strikes a balance between safety and ease of use – saving lives and improving society as a whole. Your support will allow this important work to continue.


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    Scott Lucero
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    I started looking into these issues when my son expressed an interest in firearms. Once I had the idea, it weighed on my conscience. Every news article with tragedies involving children and unlocked firearms kept me focused on pursuing the next step.
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