Air Seating for Cars

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The car has been one of the most important parts of the human life. We have multiple uses for it. We go for drives we required speed; we go for trip with family we require a lot space; we go shopping we require space to put in all things; we go for adventure and no hotels around, we want it to accommodate us and be relaxing.

So for all uses we required different configuration of car spaces, and sometimes it becomes hard to meet those requirements, then it become headache.

Don't panic...
We are introducing an air seats. Configure your car space accordingly your requirement easily. Seats perform a vital role weather it's a case of user comfort or safety.

Air seats are the seats filled with air as its name represents. When we don't require any seating and require huge space to put in some shopping things, it can be collapsed instantly and make space for your things.

When you go on a trip with family and you can instantly configure your seating arrangement for best use.

When you go on a long drive with a girl friend, surely you want to have relaxing sofa or bed configuration in the back of the car. You can do it with "Air Seat."

This air seat's construction is totally different, There are multiple layers of different shapes filled with different air pressure depending on their functions as shown in diagrams to provide highest comfort and safety (in case of accident) to passengers.

They are much lighter then conventional foam seats and occupy less space when not in use. Seating can be optimized by varying air pressure at specific intervals in case of long trips when passengers have to sit for a long time with minimal movement.

This air seats can be equipped in planes too, as they weigh less and are more comfortable than any other conventional foam seats.


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