Universal Tape Dispenser

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Universal Adhesive Tape Dispenser”
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Above Product (Patent no.8839838 in USA and pending in India ) was submitted by D.P.Parkhe, which were short listed by Wal Mart, for their” Get on shelf “Contest”, for Global voting, among 4000 Products, only one was from India, Pune, Maharashtra.( Being an American Citizen I could join this contest from India also)
Product will Solve Problems:- It is a Novel, Universal Tape Dispenser which is User friendly, Multipurpose and a unique and most simple in Design, useful for all varieties of Tapes, having variations in, Materials, Widths, Diameters, Thickness, Toughness, Stickiness, and various Applications and Uses. Most suitable for a common Man, Office, Industry and Packaging use.

There are large verities and applications in the field of Tapes, for which yet there is not a single Dispenser available, except this, in the market, which will solve these problems.

This huge Global gap/ vacuum of consumer and Industrial Market requirement, will be filled up effectively, with such a simple and low cost design. It is going to be sold like staplers in near future.

Product description:- This Dispenser Consists of only a simple Cutter Plate of 2 inch length and width according to the Tape to be used, it can cut tape at any angle, from its front and back sides, being Miniature, it is flexibly Mounted on a Tape roll and peels the tape and cuts it. 2 Notches/open space are provided for removing Tape ends easily and safely for next operation. Double cutters are also provided for tougher materials to dispense and for Packaging use in Industry.


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