The Chameleon Pen

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The chameleon pen can be used to generate any colored ink by just tapping the top of the pen on the required colored object. The pen can used for various purposes where the user does not need to change the pen for his work. The usefulness of this pen is not only restricted to working class of people but can also be used to teach primary school kids.

The chameleon pen consists of three individual ink tubes filled with the three primary colors, red, green and blue.The pen has a color sensor attached to it,which senses the color when the pen is moved over any colored object.The color sensed by the color sensor is fed as input to the microcontroller fitted inside the pen. Another input to the microcontroller is the three level buttons. The amount of the required color needed by the user is decided by it. The three different levels are high, medium or low which can be fed as input to the microcontroller.

The output of the microcontroller is fed to the knobs of the color filled ink tubes. The microcontroller is programmed and it decides how much amount of the three colors should be released in the mixing tube in order to make the required color. This mixing of three primary colors to give the required color initiates as soon as the mixer button is pressed. The color thus formed inside the mixing tube is fed to the nib of the pen.

For example, to produce three units (low level) of brown color, first the color sensor senses the brown color from any brown colored object, which is fed as input to the microcontroller. Next, the level is decided by user requirement. The user pushes the corresponding level button which is preset for corresponding units of ink flow. The controller, taking the inputs as color and level, decides the amount of primary colors which should be released into the mixing tube to make the brown color.The brown color formed in the mixing tube is connected to the nib of the pen, which can be used by the user.


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