Corvi LED Tube 2

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The Tube 2 by Corvi LED makes up for all that the conventional florescent tube lacks. Tube 2 with its efficiency of 150 lumens per watt, uses one third of the energy in comparison with the fluorescent tube. In most cases a fluorescent tube loses 50% light output by the end of its first year in operation whereas the Corvi Tube 2 has a life rating of 50,000 hrs.

One must also account for a better colour rendering index of the Corvi Tube 2, which is above 80, compared to a poor 45 as available in the fluorescent tube. Tube 2 is sleek and easy to install.

The consumer stands to benefit not only in terms of reduced energy cost but also due to the exceedingly long life, he/she will not have to replace the product again saving cost and time.

Although the industry has a number of LED tubes the ability to give a sleek designed product with an output of 150 lumen per watt, inbuilt driver , 50,000 hours of rated life with a 5 year warranty at INR 495 is a proposition unheard of delivering immense value to the consumer.

If required, the Tube 2 has modular capacity and two or more units can be attached to each other .

All the above mentioned is possible due to the unique industrialised design that allows automation, high production and as a result the unique price at which we can offer a world class product.

The design has also eliminated the heat sink making the product lighter and reducing the carbon footprint due to absence of metal alloy.

In conclusion the need for energy conservation is immediate and urgent, the Corvi Tube 2 helps this motion without sacrificing the use value for the consumer, intact it is a product that pays for itself in energy saving. Truly a product with global sensibilities for a global market.


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