Optic Sun Lighting

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Nowadays natural resources such as natural oil, air, water, and gas are consumed in huge way in day by day and we lost and polluted these, causing environmental problems globally like heat waves and global warming. Everybody knows these
I have a global solution to save the energy, economically.

Natural LIGHT is an Endless and limitless renewable energy and it is wonderful Resource from God, so we can use it in more efficient and economic way without harming nature. Here is the solution.

Globally millions of watts of power are consumed for producing light by using natural gas, coal and hydro power plants. This massive figure we can stop and save it by using sun light.

Sun light has collect and focusing high intensity light from sun and it is converted into a high level of LIGHT BEAM which is collects from sun. All these beam transfer through the OPTICAL CABLES to the where we use/need lights in industries,offices and houses in day time.in day time high intensity light is available from morning 10 am to 4 am,just we convert sun light and transfer to inside of room by using optical fibers. We can save a massive figure of energy and it is pure self dependent eco power.

All are know Optical Cable can transfer light without much loss and breaks,induce the light into Bunch of optical cable formed as huge number and positioned in specific angle at TOP of the ROOF of buildings,transfer into rooms such use proper mechanism and instruments.The optical cables sub divided in to portions to cover the all of rooms and need areas.

Let as use sun light into OPTIC SUN LIGHT, save the WORLD.


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