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MESSAGING: It is a revolutionary app that will transform the whole social networking world. it is called slog (Soundlogging) and this will enable the user of this app to send sound notes to any of his phone contacts using this app and this is just a part. Also along with emojis it will consist of oneliners, 3 second long audioslaps which will be like famous dialogues, words, sounds used as audio emojis.

SOUND NETWORK: In the app user can create a profile and share famous audio quotes by famous speeches or part of songs, for example user can shared his newborns audio or video note to his profile for his friends to see. people can like and comment through audio clips giving it a personalised touch.

KARAOKE LINERS AND SONG CHALLENGE:attention music lovers,this part of the app lets you sing only your favorite line in the karaoke and you can challenge your friends to do the same.

SWEETER THAN TWITTER: well imagine celebs using it to post just like twitter but in theirown grand voice.

1) Slog is here to take the boring world dominated by less expressive text messages by a storm and replace it completely with an easy, dead simple sound notes, small in size but high on personalization.

2) It's gonna revolutionize how people share it the world,with their voice,audioimages and realtime audio comment, wondering what if user is shy, well the text to speech engine converts your text in your choice acccent and voice.

3) Twitter is an overated place. You follow your celebrities there,  but what if you start listening to them, all to your heart's content with their unique voice.

4) No app in the market for the non singers wanting to sing karaoke, well we know you just want to sing 2 of your favorite lines, not a 4 min song. No time,eh?


Our app will revive the answering machine effect where you can send 30 min long sound notes to you friends and the server use will be high speed encrypted server.user can also attach one liners like OMG!!! FROM MONICA OF FRIENDS. AND OTHER COOL CELEBRITY AND ANIMAL VOICES.

It will also have feature of audio images where a image can be clicked and the audio after or before it will be recorded and shared.

Our app comes as a good news to fans who want to know how their celebrity sound unlike twitter,users can share what they are doing in their own 30 sec sound note. BELIEVE ME! it gives way more personal touch than the texts
our app will be the first karaoke app where people can select their favourites lines and sing just that and challenge.


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    The urge to provide freedom in the ways human communicate across the globe and make it more complete in a very intuitive way.
    That can be achieved by being precognitve.
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