Wardrobe Suitcase

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The usual Luggage bags are very tedious to pack, unpack and it also occupies space when not in use. So to solve this problem the idea is to create such a suitcase or bag which can be accommodate into the wardrobe or cupboard itself. With that they will have such a structure that clothes can be easily hung on it, so it will become a part of cupboard but when needed can be converted into suitcase and taken along.

Note: Discussion is regarding the arrangement of clothes in the suitcase and wardrobe.

The potential benefit of this would be to frequent travelers who live out of suitcases. And since the space for keeping empty luggage will be saved it can be a very revolutionary idea for house hold.

As mentioned earlier that the idea is to modify the existing luggage bags, so this is improvement in the traditional luggage system. In traditional suitcases or luggage bags the clothes are kept one over another so if need to take a particular thing out then everything over it has to be removed. Now if the clothes are hung into the suitcase exactly like a wardrobe then it will be easy to access thing. So the accessibility of bags are increased.

The market for this product is huge since it can replace all the traditional suitcases in market.

The potential market would be for frequent travelers and all the people who want their bags to be organised and accessible

Design: Consider a usual trolley bags that are very popular today as a base for design. Now existing bags open horizontally while they are kept on the floor, in this design the bag will open in a vertical position while they stand on the wheels of trolley, like they stand while they are moving. Now it will be half open system for the bag, while opening it will open in two pieces. After opening the two half will get separated by a certain distance which will depend upon a rod. The rod will be divided into two parts one is fixed(rod1) and other movable(rod2), rod will be hinged at one end to rod1, and will rotate about the axis of hinge. The rotation of rod will be 90 degrees. The rod1 will be fixed at the upper end of the first half of bag. In fully open situation the free end of the rod2 will rest on the upper part of the second half of bag. So this will look like a laundry stand. Clothes can be hung on the rod1&2 using a hanger. While closing the bag the clothes hangers will be pushed to rod1 and the other half will come back to its original position lowering the rod2. The length of rod1 will depend upon the thickness of bag.

This can be easily manufactured with existing material available in industry, or can be easily assembled with existing material.

Cost will be little higher than existing bag but no significant difference.


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