Rapid Delivery Device with Conditioned Space

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Demand for rapid delivery of certain goods or product under specified temperature conditions is commonly seen in today’s society. Industry or medical samples, fresh food, emergency medical supplies are some of the examples of this kind. The required delivery from point A to point B should be safe, accurate and on-time.
The idea of this invention is to utilize four technologies to come up with a rapid delivery device to meet the above-mentioned requirements (see figure below):

1. Remote-controlled flying device as a goods delivery vehicle;
2. GPS as a location positioning system with required accuracy;
3. Thermoelectric module (TEM) as cooling/heating means;
4. Solar panel as additional power source for improved energy efficiency.
All these technologies are currently commercially ready. Therefore, the concept-to-market path with relatively shorter product development cycle time is possible.

Main features of this device include:
1. Door-to-door or point A to point B on-time delivery with precision;
2. > 30F temperature difference from ambient temperature with TEM;
3. Both cooling and heating modes are available for conditioned space;
It is not uncommon to see a service distance of10-mile radius by a remote controlled flying device today. Load capacity and delivery service distance of the proposed rapid delivery device depend on future development break through on high power battery technologies, high efficiency TEM technologies and high efficiency solar panel materials and so on.


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