Electric Bill Monitor

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The Real-Time Electric Bill Monitor is a device that allows the house owner to know minute by minute the amount of money his Electric Bill will be as if it were billed in that very moment. The Electric Bill Monitor is not intended to measure the energy; it is intended to measure the money the user has to pay.

The device is an intelligent meter connected to your Electric Installation that transmits information of your consumption to your Mobile Device through a local Wifi of Bluetooth network. You Mobile device connects to a Server through Internet to estimate the most accurate possible the amount in cash that the accumulated consumption of your house will look at the end of the month (or two months) and you will see in Real Time your Electric Bill increasing second by second even few instants after you plugged any device.

The Electric Bill Monitor shows you how the rate of consumption of your service increases every time you plug any load. You will be able to literally see your money running away when the consumption of your house is excessive!

This service is useful due the complexity of estimation of an electric bill, it solves that problem once for all. This device will allow millions of users of Energy around the world to monitor in real time their bill of energy saving millions of watt-hours… and dollars! Additionally users all around the world will be able to evaluate the real quality and efficiency of electric appliances and lighting.

The device would help to create consciousness about the real value of energy and force manufacturers to increase the efficiency and quality of product while helping the energy users to save money every single minute by disconnecting unused of inefficient devices.

The service will need to create an Internet World Service to estimate the bills as are charged in different countries, regions of different type of services. The installation consists in a meter that is connected after the main feeders of the house and does not interfere at all with the regular metering of the service. Although the device should be simple to install may require the assistance of an electrician who can play the role of salesman in the promotion and commercialization of the device.

A more sophisticated industrial version of the service can be implemented to estimate charges for Power Factor, Peak Consumption and Harmonics where those charges apply.

After install the meter, will be necessary to download and setup the application through internet to indicate the location of the service and type and bill rate.

What is new about this idea is that the user will see the amount in of his bill in cash every minute and as soon as he connects any device to his house. You will find yourself turning lights off and disconnecting all those high-consuming devices and forgetting about those awkward surprises every time you receive your electric bill.

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