Walking And Running Transportation System

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Walking and running transportation system

Problem Statement
Bicycle is very good example of sustainable energy system but the limit is there is effort required to drive it and effort is directly comes from human power.
In present time people feels shame to ride a bicycle, also there is need to take care of it by the cyclist.
Let think about it that we have transportation system
On which we can run, walk
The output depends as for given input
There is no need to take care about this system by the user.
Transportation system is common for all public.
We are hovering as we move.
As we changes the size, speed of steps, the output changes proportionally or we have feel real life experience of hovering as we walk and run on this transportation system.

Solution statement
Let assume that we have track on which there is hovering plate or base for Rider to stand. As the Rider starts to run on it by effort (pushing/pulling moving his feet), this effort of push and pull will transfer to track system that is stationary.
As effort multiplied and returned back to base or plate and now it (base/plate) has increase in speed or acceleration. Rider also partially attached with it (plate/base) at instant of time, so acceleration transfers to Rider.
For example, you are travelling in open car and throw a coin upward, it will return back into your hand if car has uniform acceleration or coin will not fall back away from your hands.
The same concept has been used in this transportation system, Rider has contact with plate or base, as he walks and touches to plate at instant of time. So Rider can walk and run on base or plate. Results can improve with help of some modern technologies like levitation, electromagnetism, air hovering, spring force, Pipe nozzle water flow, Side wall lever benefit etc.
Handling may be like elevators used in hovercraft and operated by Rider with help of his hands. (Air hovering technology may be like keyboard side carriage ways or sliders).
The Pipe’s nozzle technology may have Pascal based effect.
To control various thrust multiplied sources or technologies such as Piezoelectric, Magnetic, spring effect, Air hovering etc., there will be triggering mechanism.
As Rider put his foot on base or plate, it will switch on or off these systems, so that effective conversion of given input can take place timely.
We can also use rope or wire that drives the base or plate by controlled magnitude of parameters depends on given input by Rider.
We can use number of series plates connected to each other in series or parallel with help of springs or we can use this single vehicle as integration to other same vehicles like Train.

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