H.E.R.T. - Hand-held Electric Rechargeable "Torch"

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Do you still use matches, lighters or other high-heat devices? I feel it is time to create a device that is a bit more "with the times."

My invention is for a hand-held, rechargeable battery powered, high-heat device or "electric torch."

This is the H.E.R.T.

I foresee a multitude of uses; from everyday cigarette smokers to cigar connoisseurs.

The H.E.R.T. can replace almost anything one would need a match or lighter for.

It could even be used for soldering or many other yet to be discovered implementations.

The tip will be made of very durable, high heat resistant ceramic that is easy to clean and does not wear down easily. Free radicals and metallic particles will not spread to whatever surface the user is in contact with.

The enclosure will be made of Lexan Polycarbonate, which is very durable and has a grip-like texture. It comes in many colors for all consumers!

Here is how it works:

(1) A lithium rechargeable battery supplies power to a DC to AC inverter, which then connects to a copper coil.

(2) The copper coil with AC current creates a magnetic field around a highly conductive metallic rod. This rod heats up, and is imbedded inside of the durable ceramic.

(3) When the maximum temperature is reached (about 550-650 degrees Fahrenheit) the rod and tip eject from the enclosure, which stops the heating process and will immediately begin cooling.

The User Experience:

(1) First turn the power switch to "ON" at the bottom of the device. The amount of power available will be indicated by an LED light on the back. Green for full, Orange for half, or Red for low.

(2) Press the "Button" down until it clicks. This engages the heating process and sets the "Eject Spring" in place.

(3) The metallic rod and ceramic tip will eject from the enclosure top, allowing you to apply heat to any object.

(4) When finished, click the button down once more to release the spring mechanism. The rod and tip will lower into the enclosure.

(5) When the battery is low, plug in to a Mini USB charger until the Green LED is lit.


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    Erik Lumaye
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    A/V Integrator
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    I would like to create things that can be applied to everyday life. Sustainability is very important to me; waste not want not!
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