Flooded Roadway Indicator

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The Flooding Roadway Indicator device provides safety awareness in flooding conditions, through illumination or visual identification of the road pathway and/or surrounding dangers . It provides the benefit of safety through the clear identification of the roadways, as it provides the visualization of the path to travel and the location of equipment, particularly those of danger. The invention equips emergency and rescue service with a directional and indicatory asset for recovery objectives.

The device allows for identification of roadway elements (curbs, signs, lights, and etc.), equipments (electrical power boxes, pipelines, and etc.), and/or dangerous locations (trenches, metal fixtures, gas lines, and etc.).

The device is comprised of a "warning/caution" notification ball/part, a horizontally orientated plate, mounted atop vertically telescoping tubes, which will be mated to ground/grade or associated adjacently attached mean(s), such as on top of a roadway sign/light, a "dangerous" electrical box, a pipe/gas-line station, an abandoned vehicle or beside a manhole, drainage,or earth cavity.

The device facilitates the indication of flooding and/or flooded roadway(s), due to the action of water surge(s) or another element contacting the bottom of the aforementioned plate, thrusting the plate in an axial movement upward, extending/expanding the attached telescoping tube in the same direction, resulting in the "flood-likened" heightening and increased elevations of the notification ball/part, allowing for the visible location of flooded roadways and hazards, for the importance of safety for vehicle occupants, and/or pedestrians.


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