Smart Mirror

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Our proposal is all about a “smart” mirror in a fitting room of a store that suggests us to have a jeans with the red shirt you brought in. It snaps a video so you can compare the image side by side with other colorful shirts you try on. It might even show you how the shirt will fit without your having to undress.

It captures the user preferences every time he or she comes to that shop and stores it in a database. When he or she comes shopping next time based on previous likes it recommends the best suited dress to the person.

A touch screen allows the customer to flip through a catalog and indicate which items to display in the dressing room. The customer inputs his or her cellphone number and the sales clerk texts when the fitting room is ready. When the shopper walks in the dressing area, the mirror recognizes the items and displays the different clothing on the screen.


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    Abhinav Pratap
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    srikanth varma
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