Blind Stick-Gift for the Blind

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BLIND STICK is electronic gadget mainly design and developed for the blind person.

The name itself denotes the product description. blind stick is not an ordinary stick ,it has a sensor that will guide the blind person on the streets. Now a days there a many sticks in market but they have not that much acceptable because of there cost.

Blind stick will be the revolution for all sticks on the market.
So what actually a blind stick is :
blind stick have mainly
1. Two obstacle detection sensor a) front side b) back side.
2. speaker for telling obstacle direction and distance.
3. ordinary stick.
4. micro-controller
5. small batteries

Two obstacle detection sensors will continuously monitor the obstacle coming from front or back and send there data to the micro-controller placed on stick. This micro-controller will check this data with set value. And if it matches or matches to set will then it will send signal with proper direction and intensity of signal to speaker placed at hears on the blind person. With the help of this blind person can identify obstacles with the distance. because of this he/she can avoid accident or can walk without help of any person. This is easy to use stick and available in less price.
we can also add image processing sensor for better view for blinds.


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