There are major Accidents caused by human error and those are still
not preventable. Solution is the "Smart Car Communication System." It’s a “Computer Unit (CU)” which must be fitted in all vehicles. It mainly control Acceleration, Braking, Steering and Signals system of the car.

Software development is an important aspect of Computer Science, and as such there are many strategies, techniques and programs which aim to formalise and structure this process.

What if ...

You could learn how all of the electronic stuff we use everyday really works?
You could learn how to fix broken electronic devices?
You could learn how build your own electronic devices?
You didn't have to worry about soldering or confusing breadboards to get started?

The current, existing Internet is fundamentally unsecure, what is result of design of this Internet.
Only way to create a secure Internet is to develop a new, secure Internet - it is Internet-like, but with a design different from the current Internet, telecommunication systems.

Due to the “Utilization Wall,” future CMOS technology calls for a radically new microprocessor architecture with less transistor switching, to take full advantage of both density and speed.

Electricity-operated durable medical equipment (DME), such as ventilators and dialysis machines, are life-supporting medical devices used at home by patients. The use of DME is not only convenient and economical, but also leads to a better quality of life for the patient. In a 2013 survey,

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has developed an imaging device called an active pixel sensor that is inexpensive and easy to fabricate. The active pixel sensor is designed to perform at least as well as conventional charge coupled device (CCD) imagers without all the drawbacks.

Security in the ATM through manual processes is the main problem. So a face recognition technique has been implemented which is used to provide additional security to the ATM centres from theft with the combination of an embedded system.

This is a concept for a VR headset controlled drone.

The drone is spherical and has 6 opposed cameras( 2 along each x,y,z axes). These are all wide angle cameras each capable of recording video.

Most consumed places in electrical energy consumption, is the most necessary system regarding social and individual safety, so smart application and management can highly save energy consumption.

In order to produce gas light bulbs, which are mostly assembled,

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