There are major Accidents caused by human error and those are still
not preventable. Solution is the "Smart Car Communication System." It’s a “Computer Unit (CU)” which must be fitted in all vehicles. It mainly control Acceleration, Braking, Steering and Signals system of the car. It does activated on sensing risk factor.

Govt. must approve it after reasonable testing result and make it compulsory for all vehicle running on road.
New Car may have a Fully Controllable system means a control unit notify the driver plus take control instantly in case of no action taken. While Existing vehicles need to install "CU" on it that will calculate risk factor and notify driver for any risky moment. It ...

Software development is an important aspect of Computer Science, and as such there are many strategies, techniques and programs which aim to formalise and structure this process. This issue becomes more complex when development is carried out in large global teams which is "rapidly becoming the norm for technology companies" [1].

"Legit" is a distributed code review tool, built on top of Git Version Control software. Users may push "proposals" to a Legit project, which are semantically similar to a Git pull requests, on which other peers can vote. When approved, Legit attempts to automatically merge the proposal into the main branch of the project. Users can gain a quantifiable "reputation" within the system by having their proposals approved, ...

What if ...

You could learn how all of the electronic stuff we use everyday really works?
You could learn how to fix broken electronic devices?
You could learn how build your own electronic devices?
You didn't have to worry about soldering or confusing breadboards to get started?
All of the small fragile components were packaged in an easy to handle blocks?
You could instantly see the relationship between schematics and components?
Electronics could be taught at the elementary school level?
Learning electronics technology was as easy and fun as playing with blocks?
The answer to all of those questions is YES?

Introducing a new way to learn electronics technology.

ClearCirKits is an electronics construction set consisting of various ...

The current, existing Internet is fundamentally unsecure, what is result of design of this Internet.
Only way to create a secure Internet is to develop a new, secure Internet - it is Internet-like, but with a design different from the current Internet, telecommunication systems. The new design or designs should provide for full or may be nearly full security. The substance of the proposed idea is to start a work aimed at developing such new, secure Internet.

The teleprocessing information systems used for sensitive and important tasks will be called later “the mission-critical teleprocessing information systems.” It is a common practice using the existing Internet is an adequate telecommunication base for such mission-critical teleprocessing information systems. However these practice is ...

Due to the “Utilization Wall,” future CMOS technology calls for a radically new microprocessor architecture with less transistor switching, to take full advantage of both density and speed.

This is important not only for big many-core processors but also very small chips that are to be made in very large quantities, such as many of the nodes in the Internet of Things (IoT).

A novel processor architecture, having built-in support for LLVM, has been developed by Imsys. A proof-of-concept chip has been manufactured in 65nm. Measurements verify that performance is comparable to that of much bigger processor cores, and that energy efficiency is better than what has been reported for architectures claimed to be the most efficient.

The chip ...

Electricity-operated durable medical equipment (DME), such as ventilators and dialysis machines, are life-supporting medical devices used at home by patients. The use of DME is not only convenient and economical, but also leads to a better quality of life for the patient. In a 2013 survey, WHO estimated that in Japan alone, as many as 13,000 DME are in use[1].

However, DME-dependent patients are extremely vulnerable during natural disasters due to stopping of their machines and lack of means for them to contact hospitals in the case of damaged infrastructure including cell/landline services and/or Internet connection. There is no existing technology suitable for tracking DME-dependent patients during power outages as commercial locators/trackers, such as Pocketfinder[2] and eZoom[3], all rely ...

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has developed an imaging device called an active pixel sensor that is inexpensive and easy to fabricate. The active pixel sensor is designed to perform at least as well as conventional charge coupled device (CCD) imagers without all the drawbacks. CCD imagers are susceptible to radiation damage, require good light shielding to avoid smear, and have high power dissipation for large arrays. In addition, the CCD fabrication process is incompatible with complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) processing, which makes it difficult to integrate on-chip signal processing electronics. JPL’s active pixel sensor, which can be fabricated using an industry-standard CMOS-compatible process and smaller-sized pixels, is an integrated imaging device that is well-suited for a variety of ...

Security in the ATM through manual processes is the main problem. So a face recognition technique has been implemented which is used to provide additional security to the ATM centres from theft with the combination of an embedded system.

In this process a webcam is placed outside the ATM centres and MATLAB technology is used for facial recognition and pattern analysis and identifies the face of the person then release the door lock. Once the person enters into the ATM centre the door automatically closes and if the person tries to break the ATM machine the vibrations sensors sends the signal and door locks immediately by using a PIC controller. Then an automated SMS is send to bank and ...

This is a concept for a VR headset controlled drone.

The drone is spherical and has 6 opposed cameras( 2 along each x,y,z axes). These are all wide angle cameras each capable of recording video. Inbuilt is also an algorithm which stitches the input from each to create a video sphere.

This video sphere is live fed to the VR headset. To look around the sphere you should move your head and see like you would normally do. this gives you a complete visual access in inaccessible places.

Also the movement of the drone is controlled by tilting the head in the respective direction.

Another feature the drone will have is a 3D projector on the top. this can ...

Most consumed places in electrical energy consumption, is the most necessary system regarding social and individual safety, so smart application and management can highly save energy consumption.

In order to produce gas light bulbs, which are mostly assembled, first the light bulb is produced at light bulb production factory in different types (sodium-vapor lamp, mercury vapor lamp, metal halide lamp, …) in different powers including one arc tube or two parallel arc tubes and then the producers of street lamps purchase their intended lamp and use the reflector made for it before in order to use them in different places. This has some disadvantages as described below.

This is the plan, for the production of different types ...

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