Powering the Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things (IoT) promises a world in which everything is connected by sensors to everything. The cost and logistics associated with installed wiring or using batteries to power these systems represent a significant cost. Our proprietary SemperCell technology, harvests or scavenges environmental energy and converts this energy to stored electrical power and eliminates the need for expensive wiring and battery changes. This greatly reduces customer operational costs. Our technology enables industrial clients to monitor their assets utilizing this new capability. There is a need to power these billions of sensors. Traditional methods are impractical due to the cost. Our state of the art technology solves this problem.

We have spent the last three years developing proprietary knowledge relative to intelligent ultra-low power management. We continue to invest in research to maintain industry-leading expertise. Our personnel and their associated knowledge are key to our success and retaining company value. We will develop new products that leverage this core competency. We anticipate the IoT will make the demand for these skills pervasive.

HIS Energy is the only fully integrated, plug and play intelligent energy scavenging sensor system that is available to the wireless condition monitoring market. There are energy scavenging companies. There are wireless companies. There are companies that produce sensor nodes. There are no competitors that deliver an integrated solution that monitors customer’s assets without wires or batteries.

We will sell to system integrators such as General Electric, National Instruments, Siemens Global, Emerson, Honeywell etc. We have targeted the system integrators of remote wireless sensor networks for condition based monitoring as our primary market segment. These companies will act as resellers combining our technology with their enterprise software and systems. All these companies have worldwide distribution sales and support.

In addition to system integrators as resellers, our direct sales include large industrial concerns, such as Duke Energy, NASA or DuPont etc. A typical large industrial company has thousands of assets that need monitoring. For example, NASA Langley Research Center, where we are Beta testing our product, has 42,000 assets to monitor and 8,000 of them deemed critical. This represents trillions of dollars in assets that need to be monitored.

Our marketing focuses on two things; educating systems integrators and end-users. We are a business to business company that focuses on relationship building and educating our consumer as to our unique value proposition. Our technology enables a revolution in reducing costs by enabling real time condition based maintenance which has previously been technologically impossible.



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