Brain-Brain and Brain-Technology communication

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Communication between human brain-brain without using any apparent physical communication is a field that needs intensive research. But this communication should be controlled as one does not want to communicate all the messages to be sent to the other brain. The brain-brain communication can be achieved by using wireless transmitter and wireless receiver method using the latest technological trends. For example, the brain can be interfaced medically and technologically with a tiny silicon chip as human body itself has electricity and brain work by means of neurotransmitters.

The other type of communication is between human brain and technological products like computers, cell phones, tablets etc. The same technology can be incorporated to achieve this goal.

One of most significant achievement this research will bring us is writing knowledge in a human brain, like we write on a hard drive, by interfacing with computers or other technological instruments.

This concept is also useful for disabled who are physically or mentally impaired to communicate with other human beings and/or technology.


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    Fahim Peracha
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    The inspirations behind this concept is providing human race a new form of communication between themselves and technology.
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