Bluetoth Guitar Module

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Products idea:

1. Bluetooth Acoustic guitar Pickup and Receiver Module

The concept is that a Acoustic guitar player does not need to physically connect the guitar pickup chord to Guitar Amplifier or to a simple bluetooth speakers.

The concept design is shown in the design pdf attached.


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    Anand Sharma
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    I recently bought a bluetooth speaker which can be connected to my iphone , ipad wirelessly but it cannot get connected to my acoustic guitar so that what inspires me that how can i connect my bluetooth speaker to my acoustic guitar. I searched on google and can't find any product which can do that, but there are guitar pickups which I can use but then I have to connect my guitar physically through a chord but I want it wireless. There are transmitter and receiver for e-guitars but they are very expensive and I cannot use them since i don't have an e-guitar or a guitar amp. Thus this idea popped up in my mind.
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