Gesture Based Smart Supportive System For The Disabled And Elderly

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The main objective of this project is to make life comfortable and easier for disabled and elderly people by using a handheld smart controller device. The smart controller device which is designed suits all types of disabled people such as the deaf, dumb and physically challenged.

The project demonstrates a system that can be integrated as a single portable unit and allows one to wirelessly control lights, fans, air conditioners, television sets, security cameras, electronic doors, computer systems, audio/visual equipment, etc. and turn on or off any appliance that is plugged into a wall outlet, get the status of different sensors and make decisions accordingly. The overall system is controlled from a microphone, FLEX Sensor and PIC. This chip sends the voice commands in binary sequence to the microcontroller. The base station unit takes the decision and send the commands to the remote station by ZigBee transceiver. The remote system receives the commands through the ZigBee transceiver and performs the requested function. The sensors unit is capable of detecting when the user enters or leaves the room by measuring the change in signal strength between the access Point and can accordingly turn on or off appliances such as lights and fans and in the meantime send its status back to the base station.

This project proposes a home automation system (HAS) with low cost and wireless remote communication specially designed for disabled people. In this project, home appliances are controlled by the significant actions of disabled people. This project is designed to assist and provide support in order to fulfil the needs of disabled people in the home. It implemented with four input methods: matrix keyboard, voice recognition, Bluetooth and motion sensors. According to the user disability they can choose their input method. It is a secured way of handling home appliances. This device is design as compact in size and it is wearable and handheld. All the home appliance are combined to a single node and controlled by an single controller device. It consume less power and works at hazardless frequency.


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