Fingerprint Based Smart Pay And Accident Alert System

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Over the last few decades, the use of public transportation has been attractive to most of the people. The increase in passenger count has made ticket vending and vehicular monitoring a complex task. In addition to this, frequent accidents occur due to overload of passengers and these accidents are not cognizant to the rescuers. The main objective of the Fingerprint Based Smart Pay and Accident Alert System is to design an automatic ticket vending system by Fingerprint access. This is also aimed at creating an alerting system when the vehicle is met with an accident.

Fingerprint Based Smart Pay and accident alert System would be an excellent replacement to the existing traditional ticketing system by a simpler biometric scan that utilizes the passenger’s finger print. The sensing process is applied to avoid illegal entry in to the vehicles and would likely prevent careless accidents. The accident alert system will contribute to a social cause in saving the life of many fellow beings in need of emergency care.

The fingerprint based smart pay and accident alert is the proposed system wherein ticketing is automated and the travelling cost is debited from the concerned bank where the user holds an account. To avoid illegal entry, the passenger count is monitored with the effective utilization of IR sensor. The ignition of the vehicle is stopped whenever the passenger count exceeds the maximum value. Whenever an accident occurs, the location of the vehicle will be sent as a message with a link provided to the emergency vehicles, control room and a private message will be sent to the trusted contact of each of the passengers. Thereby many fellow lives could be saved. This system would also be an excellent replacement to the traditional ticketing system.


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