Wind brakes actuated by electro magnet for automobile braking (Aerodynamic braking)

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Background :
When an emergency braking situation occurs, people panic to control the vehicle to avoid the accident. But unlikely we should not be able to control the vehicle (refer Fig 1 to 5 without wind catcher). Why? Because all our primary, secondary, parking brake system depends upon surface contact between tyer and road. Even ABS/ESP can’t prevent the above situation. We have air bags to save us from an accident, but don’t have any emergency brake system to keep away from accident.

Panic braking causes mass transfer from rear to front, means people in the vehicle pushed towards front, this may cause some injury/pain leads to death (mostly driver/front seat passenger). Preventing the vehicle lifting is also important.

Working :
Let’s see how wind brake operated by electromagnet works and is integrated with the vehicle (refer Fig 6).

Electro magnet is placed over the vehicle top and metal plate is fitted into the wind catcher, which will revolute about hinge axis and maximum angle is controlled by angle controller. While normal driving condition wind catcher metal plate attached with electromagnet, at time of hard braking electromagnet demagnetize and wind lifts the wind catcher create wind resistances to stop the vehicle. Once the brake pedal return to the original position electromagnet magnetize and wind catcher metal plate attached with electromagnet.

When the vehicle speed increases, the wind flow opposite to the vehicle direction is also increases. So creating wind resistances is an equivalent and opposite reaction. But in cause of foundational brake system, pressure needs to be developed for braking.

It is possible to integrate with most of the existing vehicle with minimal modification without affecting the primary brake system.

Due to the above arrangement, life of the tyre and other drive train components will increase.

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