Digital Stepping Device

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Revolutionary Digital Stepper Device

The Cerfite digital stepper device can travel at two or more speeds, precisely variable or steady, stop in place and hold position while power is off. It uses little power allowing it to operate wirelessly. Due to same material interface, there is no known appreciable wear. There are not any gears or chains required. It may be made in any size, any configuration. Lightweight, non conductive ceramic won't cause sparks. Small dots are made on the base at varying angles signifying the odd and even precise steps. Another odd even row of dots allows larger steps for accurate skewing.

The device may operate in any environment it requires no cooling or batteries. Power may be provided optically or by electromagnetic means. Steps may be set at any reasonable spacing, and of course the shoe electronics and pads must be modified also; that is a flexible circuit. Part of the design is covered by patent 8695346.


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