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SmarTact and SmarTact+ can bring sights to your eyes that you normal wouldn't be able to see. By communicating with your smart device(s) that most people have. Also through the use of apps made for the SmarTact and SmarTact+ you can get anything you may need shown to you. These contacts will allow you to see your messages, videos, and anything an app programed for it displayed in front of your eyes. Examples of what a app might be able to do, changing your eye color, allowing you to see at night, allowing you to play a game right in front of you, and even reading your iris for security and accessing another smart device. The normal contact and prescription contact version of this product allow for anybody that can see a phone screen to also enjoy this product. These reusable, rechargeable contacts are easily cleaned and don’t need to be replaced every 24 hours like normal contacts. There are four layers to the SmarTact+ and three to the SmarTact. The first layer is a thin layer of protective plastic, the next layer which is only in the SmarTact+ and is the prescription layer, the third layer is where everything is displayed too, and finally the outer protective layer. SmarTact and SmarTact+ the smart contact is the next step in technology.


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    Nicholas Nesbitt
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    Self employed programmer
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    I thought, how cool would it be if you could just see all your apps.
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