A New Way To Learn Electronics Technology

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What if ...

You could learn how all of the electronic stuff we use everyday really works?
You could learn how to fix broken electronic devices?
You could learn how build your own electronic devices?
You didn't have to worry about soldering or confusing breadboards to get started?
All of the small fragile components were packaged in an easy to handle blocks?
You could instantly see the relationship between schematics and components?
Electronics could be taught at the elementary school level?
Learning electronics technology was as easy and fun as playing with blocks?
The answer to all of those questions is YES?

Introducing a new way to learn electronics technology.

ClearCirKits is an electronics construction set consisting of various clear polycarbonate cubes containing a flex circuit with an electronic component such as a resistor, capacitor, transistor, diode, potentiometer, speaker, microphone, battery, generator, microcontroller, integrated circuit, etc. Each cube also contains a transparent label with the ANSI or IEC schematic symbol representation of the component as well as the value, and part number. A QR code label on the bottom links to information about that component.

These cubes are able to be connected together using snap fasteners attached to the sides of each block. The snaps make a physical as well as an electrical connection between the cubes, which allow them to be arranged to form various electronic circuits.

Three sets of snaps are provided on each side to allow a power and ground bus, to be established throughout the circuit as well as the signal connection. Simply snapping a power or ground cube to any connection supplies power or ground to that circuit node. The circuit diagram looks like a normal schematic and the user does not have to route power and ground throughout the circuit.

As the circuit is constructed the student can clearly see each electronic component as well as the schematic representation of the circuit simply by examining the cubes. This reinforces the recognition of the schematic symbol to the physical identification of each component in the students mind.

The ClearCirKits Learning Lab website is where registered users can go to learn about electronic technology with the ClearCirKits Electronic Construction set using the Learning Academy, Project Lab, Logbook, and Programming Lab web apps.

ClearCirKits provides an innovative, high quality, durable, easy to use solution for teaching electronic technology that is open ended and does not limit the usefulness of the product to a few hundred experiments. Students of all ages from elementary to college level as well as industrial training and home edutainment can use the it to learn the basics of electronic technology.

The transistor was invented over 60 years ago, and is the basis of every modern electronic device, but how many people can tell you what a transistor does? We must begin teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in schools to get kids interested in these subjects so they are prepared for the jobs and careers in our economy.

Learn more at http://www.clearcirkits.com


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