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Quality is one of the most important concerns of our society. Many significant resources have been invested in order to ensure that certain products and services have the quality expected by the customer. Quality assurance systems are the key to success for many companies.

Additional difficulties can be found if quality of a perishable product is wanted to be ensured. Many products may require specific conditions of humidity, temperature, lighting, etc. There are several possible stages where the product may be affected by these conditions: transport, storage, final distribution... and sometimes companies have no direct control over them.

The solution proposed is a monitoring sticker device to be incorporated to every product. This device is designed to check real time the most important preservation conditions. A direct communication Producer-Client is achieved and in case of not meeting the required conditions specific actions can be taken.

As electronic systems are becoming cheaper, the cost of this system may be less than 1% of the product total cost. A significantly higher perceived quality will be achieved with this low percentage.

Multiple sensors will be allocated in the device in order to measure all the required conditions. A communication system will also be incorporated, either through mobile or just visual, to report the status. The device will be configurable to suit the needs of the product. It will include those due certificates to ensure their validity.

Finally note that sensitive products can be found in many sectors: health, food and livestock... These are examples where a distributed quality control can be beneficial.


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    Christian Rodriguez Ambimetrics S.l.
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    Christian Rodríguez Núñez (AMBIMETRICS S.L.)
    Adrián Estupiña García
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    AMBIMETRICS SL is a company which works in the technology sector including every kind of projects requiring technical and high quality solutions related to electronics.
    We are experts in technology sensors (over 20 years) and we know the technical and economic feasibility of the project.
    We are also aware of the growing need for product differentiation in terms of quality.
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